Why join our research project?

Our pilot study with the NHS has shown that Talk It Out reduces anxiety by 37% and increases satisfaction with life by 38%, in just 10 days.

By taking part in this research project you’re helping us to develop (anonymised) data for a peer review paper being published later this year, which will help us give Talk It Out to millions of people who need support with their wellbeing, for free.

It’s free and easy to take part… and could give your wellbeing a huge boost as well as helping millions of others too!

Watch the short film below to find out more and then sign-up to take part at the bottom of this page…

Once you’ve signed up we’ll email you with everything you need to get the most out of your Talk It Out experience… You’ll get:

  1. A recording of a short webinar from Chris where he explains how Talk It Out works.

  2. A link to the short survey we need you to fill out before you use the app.

  3. A link to download the Talk It Out app for free.

Thank you!

Find out more about us at www.talkitout.app

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